Thursday, April 4, 2013

DoubleTap Defense DoubleTap - 2013 Wish List Update

Followers of the DoubleTap Firearms LLC Facebook page were treated to this picture yesterday with the cryptic caption of "The pallets are growing. The DoubleTap IS coming."

Earlier in March two other pictures were posted on the page showing various DoubleTap parts fresh off the production machines.

Barrel Assemblies

Trap Doors for the bottom of the grip frames

Still no official availability date as of today, but you gotta love the progress.  The last official update was a Q1 2013 release, but we blew by that a few days ago.  No new date has been offered yet so admire the pictures and make your own guess if the boxes in the first picture are empty or full.  I'm just excited to see some real evidence of progress.

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