Tuesday, May 7, 2013

EDC For the Minimalist - Streamlight Nano and CRKT Shrimp Reviews

I'm really bad at gearing up before I leave the house.  Wallet, phone, CC (if allowed where I'm heading), and I'm out the door.  Occasionally, I will remember to drop the kydex knife and light combo holster in my cargo pocket if I happen to be wearing cargo pants.  Most often, I just forget to pick it up.  That's pretty sad because I made that holster specifically to make it easier for me to remember my knife and light.  What can I say, I'm hopeless.

Luckily for me, I don't need a knife or light every time I leave the house.  Occasionally I will need it, and it's a pain when it's not in my pocket.  I slowly came to the realization that I needed to try another approach.

Enter the Streamlight Nano Light and CRKT Shrimp.  This keychain class knife and light combo weighs in at 1.787 ounces and now rides along with my car keys.  I can't leave the house without my car keys, so I've idiot-proofed having them with me whenever I leave.  

Both the knife and light were less than $8 each.  With such modest prices, my expectations for both were pretty low so I was really surprised by the overall quality of the pair.

The CRKT Shrimp arrived sharp and ready for business.  While only 1.75" long, the blade is .125" thick.  It opens easily with the extra deep thumbnail notch.  The stainless steel side of the frame securely locks the blade in place when deployed.  The alter handle is machined from aluminum and has been drilled through for weight reduction before anodizing.  In my case the aluminum was treated with a matte black finish.  I've cut paracord and cardboard quite easily with this little knife.  If the knife has a weakness, it's the bail that provides attachment to your key ring.  It's functional, but cheapens the look of the knife. 

Having no use for the pocket clip, I tried to remove the three attachment screws.  Whomever builds this knife for CRKT, loves thread locker.  If  you plan to remove the clip, make sure you heat the screws first with a pocket torch or soldering iron.  If you go after them without heating them first, you will probably strip  out the Torx screw heads before they loosen.  Final weight after removing the pocket clip was just under 1.5 oz.  Total length closed is 2.5".  I like this knife so much that I now have a second one in my range bag. 

The Streamlight Nano Light is a 10 lumen LED light with an 8 hour run time.  Constructed of aircraft grade aluminum, it is anodized with a glossy finish.  In my case, the finish was black.  The light is activated by turning the light head.  The light is also shock resistant and weather proof.   10 lumens is actually much brighter than I thought it would be.  Easily doubling the brightness of the flashlight utility on my iPhone.  If the light has a downside, it's the 4 LR41 batteries that power the light.  A battery change will cost at least $3.

I think I've landed on a workable EDC solution that covers my needs.  We'll see how they hold up over time.  So far, it's working for me.


If you are a frequent flier, you might try my carry set up.  The Beretta key fob, light, and knife are on one split ring.  The keys are on another.  I separate the two rings before leaving the car and heading to the gate.  The keys come with me and the rest stays in in console.


  1. Great option and great post, thank you.

  2. One thing I've learned about the nano. It's no good for pocket carry. Invariably, it turns on in the pocket. Clipped to something outside the pocket, though, it will probably be fine.

    1. I'll be keeping an eye on that. So far, it hasn't turned on when pocket carried.

  3. So is the Beretta Nano your typical EDC pistol? Or is it one of several? Curious if you trust the Boberg XR9s enough to CCW?

    1. I end up swapping quite a bit due to working on reviews. Not smart, but I try to spend actually carry time with stuff I review.

      I trust my XR9s 100%.

    2. Thanks for your help. I am searching for a new CCW pistol and I'm collecting as much information as I can on pistols I am interested in. I believe in being prepared but given that fact that will probably never need to use the pistol in self defense it shouldn't be onerous.

  4. Nice Info.

    I do an EDC of a crescent brand multi-tool (think of a leatherman with wire strippers, UNIQUE!) and some type of LED light in my watch pocket of work jeans. The multi-tool is in a belt looped holster.