Sunday, July 14, 2013

TandemKross +1 Magazine Base Plate Review

Two weeks ago, I participated in the 2013 Arkansas Ruger Rimfire Challenge.  Each shooter received a swag bag when they checked in for the shoot and picked up their score sheets.  At the time, the swag bag was a distraction so I put it in my vehicle and focused on my gear and my shooting.  I didn't realize the bag contained an extended magazine base plate or "mag bumper" for a Ruger 22/45.  I discovered the base plate a few days later and was intrigued when I discovered that it wasn't just an extended base plate, it also increased the magazine capacity from 10 to 11.  I decided to google TandemKross and learn more about their products.

For me, the TandemKross website is a virtual candy store of after market products for Ruger Rimfire pistols and rifles.  They also stock some of my favorite cleaning products at a good price.  I learned they also sold a +1 magazine bumper for the Ruger Mark II and Mark III series of pistols so I ordered one and decided I would review them both as soon as I had the chance.

Yesterday turned out to be a great day to complete the review.  The video below captures all my thoughts on the base plates, live fire demonstration from the range, and also a short installation demonstration. 

The current retail price on the base plates is $7.99 if ordered directly from TandemKross.  I've only been watching their Facebook page since last week, but it appears they run periodic money-saving flash sales that they announce on their page.  Jake from TandemKross told me there are more new products in development so their Facebook page is worth a "Like" just to keep an eye on what they are up to.

If you are a competitive shooter or just looking for an extra round in your Ruger pistol magazines, the +1 base plates from TandemKross are well worth your consideration.  The next time I step up to the competition firing line, all my magazines will have the +1 magazine bumpers installed.

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