Thursday, August 29, 2013

Springfield Armory XD-S Safety Recall Issued 8-28-2013

This one really hurts to post, but another pistol I gave a glowing review last Summer is now under safety recall.  Before you freak out, please go to this link and make sure your serial number in included under the recall.

I got one of the early XD-S 45's so I was positive I was included in the recall, but I still checked the website to be sure.  The recall return shipping request form was really simple to fill out and everything I needed to print my return shipping label via FedEx arrived in my email in-box within minutes.  At least they made that part of the process simple.

This is all hearsay at this point, but I understand that it will be late September before I get my XD-S back.  That's going to put a bit of a damper on short barrel 45 Auto terminal testing, but I'll muddle through.  Where did I put that Kahr P45?

For the record, I never had any slam fire incidents during loading or doubling during my hours on the range with my XD-S.  Per the technical bulletin, the potential for these conditions will be remedied by the recall service.

The XD-S has been a favored carry pistol over the last year.  It will be missed and I dearly hope it returns as reliable as it was before it went back.


  1. My XDS rapidly became my favorite carry piece, but last qualification, it developed a failure to go fully to battery. I'm sending it in for the recall tomorrow, so hopefully the smiths at Springfield can check it out and perhaps put in a tad stronger recoil spring.

  2. Yet another lie from springfield, it's Friday Oct 4th, no update lol!
    Should we trust any of springfield built guns, since they can't keep their,word?
    Time for a CLASS ACTION SUIT !!!

    1. I'm actually a fan of the XD pistols and have had nothing but excellent experiences with Springfield Customer Service. Up to yesterday, I was not aware that the fix I sent my XDs in for didn't exist. As I read through the technical details of the original announcement, they had the before and after upgrade pictures so I assumed that upgrade would be applied and I would have my XDs back in a reasonable amount of time so I have not been tracking it.

      I was very surprised to read the 9/27 update and learn that the upgrade was still being developed. That seems pretty shady to me when they have pictures of the upgrade in the initial recall bulletin. Really uncharacteristic of the Springfield Armory customer service I've come to know over the last 6 years. Can I live without my XDs? Sure. Could I be using it this weekend for short barrel terminal testing? Absolutely.

      It will be interesting to see how this plays out. How long will they continue the upgrade R&D process before furor raises so high that they have to start sending out refund checks. Caracal did this earlier this year.

  3. I spoke directly to the attorney for Springfield twice in the past 3 days, it seems they totally refuse to offer any other options to the recalled gun owners, other than to SIT BACK, KEEP QUIET, AND WAIT!
    Will we trust a fix that they have not found , but are RUSHING to find?? I as well as several other XD owners surely don't!!
    I FOR ONE DO NOT WANT THAT GUN!! I would take a refund check in a heartbeat, I know if and when I ever see my newly purchased recalled gun again that I will for sure lose money in selling, that is if anyone will buy a gun that contains a RUSHED fix, from a company who lied about having a fix, in the first place!!!
    Shame on Springfield !! Just send those of us a check for the amount we paid for that glorified boat anchor !! Give me my money back, and Springfield will never hear from me again, however not given any refund option, we will have to take a more legal form of action to get a refund, this action will come with inconvieniance costs that Springfield will have to pay!