Monday, September 16, 2013

CTK Precision P3 Compact Shooting Rest Review

The CTK Precision P3 Compact Shooting Rest is one of many shooting accessories offered by the Marion, Wisconsin based manufacturing company.  Curt Knitt, the company founder, is an avid shooter and started developing products for his own personal use.  His original gun vise turned out so well that soon others wanted one of their own.  Over the years the product line has expanded beyond the original gun vise to include an assortment of rests, monopods, and other shooting accessories.  CTK Precision manufactures all their products in the USA.

I had the opportunity to spend a few weeks with the P3 Compact Shooting Rest courtesy of CTK Precision and ArmsVault.  I'd like to spend a few minutes calling out what I thought were the best features of the rest then transition over to a range video showing how I've used the rest on the range.

The first thing you notice about the P3 Compact Shooting Rest is that it's very well made and heavy.  Weighing in at about 6 pounds, the main frame is constructed from 1.25" 12 gauge square steel tubing.  The sliding platform is similarly built on a 1.5" 12 gauge square steel.  The forward rests are crafted from 1" 16 gauge square steel tubing.  You can use the rest "as is" or fill the frame with lead shot to increase the overall weight and stability.  For my needs, the as delivered weight was fine.

The optional Pistol Post and standard Y forward posts are well padded and include a graduated rule applied to one side of the post for quick visual reference.

All frame components have been precisely cut and the sections mate with little or no visible gap.  Frame and rest components are welded in place and then the entire rest is painted in a semi-gloss black finish.   All the hardware used on the rest is of good quality with the attention to detail you would expect with a premium rest.  For example, the two nuts that join the front and rear frame sections are of the Nylock variety so they are less prone to loosening with vibration.

I also appreciated the generous rubber feet that are mechanically attached to the underside of the steel frame.  This protects the surface the rest is sitting on as well as proving some additional grip between the shooting bench and shooting rest.  The over-size star grip set screws are very helpful when making adjustments to the grip platform, rear frame height, or post height.  They provide plenty of leverage for one hand operation are are large enough for tactile only manipulation allowing you to keep your eyes and attention focused on your firearm.

While my primary use for the rest will be terminal ballistics testing, it didn't take me very long to find other ways to use the rest.  I cover a few of them in the range video below.

Prior to the arrival of the P3 Compact Shooting Rest, I thought I was doing OK using sandbags when I needed them.  Having access to a quality rest that can be adjusted a fraction of an inch at a time has really opened my eyes to the value and enjoyment they can bring to the precision shooter.  If you spend any of your shooting time at proper shooting bench, you should definitely check out the P3 Compact and Ultimate Shooting Rests from CTK Precision.

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