Monday, December 30, 2013

Ruger 10/22 Magazine Accessories from TANDEMKROSS

One nice thing about owning a Ruger 10/22 Rifle is the sheer volume of aftermarket parts and accessories available.  Some folks will leave their 10/22 in "box stock" condition and enjoy it for decades.  Others will turn their 10/22 into the proverbial money pit and swap out parts until all that remains is the serial numbered receiver.  I've lived in both worlds over the years so I've had the chance to work on a few 10/22 project rifles.  The one common component that all the rifles shared was the Ruger 10/22 factory 10 round magazine.

TANDEMKROSS has developed two add-on products for Ruger 10/22 magazines that offer a reasonably priced upgrade for Ruger factory magazines.  These products do not alter the factory magazines in any way.  The TANDEMKROSS Magazine Bumper and Magazine Doubler can both be purchased directly from TANDEMKROSS through their webstore.  I recently had the chance to install and use both products.

Magazine Doubler installation was very simple and required only my magazines and a screwdriver.

The Magazine Doubler locks into the bases of the 10/22 magazines and is secured with a butterfly clamp that nests in the thumb depression on the magazine.

Installation of the Magazine Bumper is similar to the Magazine Doubler except a single-sided clamp is used to secure the bumper base to the single magazine.

With the installation finished, the Magazine Bumper adds just over 1/2" to the magazine height.  The bumper base also includes grooves that allow you to yank down on the magazine in case of a partial feed that prevents the magazine from dropping free.

With retail prices of $8.99 for the Bumper and $9.99 for the Doubler, these kits offer a significant enhancement at a modest price.  I will be adding these kits to all my competition magazines prior to my next competition shoot.

I shot a range video demonstrating the Bumper and Doubler in action, but the wind was up and I had to delete most of the original audio and do a voice over.  I hated to do it, but I couldn't scrub the wind from the original audio.  The point of the video was to show that the kits offer enhancement to factory magazines without impacting reliability.


  1. I have three mags and have one of each of these. Quality products.

  2. I discovered tandem cross on a forum when they had like 2 products. Its amazing to see how far they come. I bought these doubles and wont ever go back. The triplers from other companies are too bulky and other doubles require sticky adhesive. TK's are ingenious as they screw into existing pieces on the magazine. Its cool to see they are getting some press now.

  3. These magazine couplers are fantastic. The material is solid and they make working with the 10/22 Magazines easier. I like these a lot better than the triple versions as they weigh less and are easier to work with. Plus you don't have to remember which magazine is empty, with 3 you have to keep track. This makes shooting competitively a lot more fun.

  4. Too bad they've been out of them for so long now