Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 Wish List

Each year, at about this time, I publish my annual Wish List of things I'd like to get my paws on in the upcoming year.  I start thinking about the list around Christmas each year and try to get it written up before the annual SHOT Show.  I'm running a bit late this year, but there has been an incredible amount of new gun announcement activity in the last two weeks.  It makes me glad I didn't rush to get this list done.  Aside from the first item on the list, there isn't a particular order to the items on the list. 

First up on the 2014 list is the long awaited Boberg XR45-S.  I'm a Boberg fan for several reasons, the most important being that I can shoot the XR9 pistols pretty well.  The XR45-S upsizes the XR9 to 45 Auto with hushed whispers that it can even handle 45 Super.  It's going to be a bigger gun, but that's OK with me.  The picture below shows the 9mm XR9-S on the left and new 45 Auto XR45-S on the right.  Giddy-up!   

Next on the list is the over-due Beretta Pico.  This pocket sized .380 Auto/.32 Auto combination pistol was due out in Fall 2013.  Unfortunately, we've not seen them released yet.  Any gun that can run two or more calibers with just a barrel swap has my interest.  I'd love to get one of these for terminal testing and carry.

One of the most talked about pistols in the last few weeks has to be the new Glock 42.  Folks had a ball trying to figure out what it was going to be when all they had was a model number and a very vague advertising image.  When facts starting appearing and we all learned the G42 was going to be a single stack 380 Auto, folks generally seemed disappointed in the news.  I want one of these 3.25" barreled pistols for my ballistics testing kit.  Heck, I may even carry it.  Also, I'm really looking forward to adding the 9mm version of the G42 to my 2015 Wish List. 

The Remington R-51 9mm was announced earlier this week and was generally praised by the folks commenting about it on various forums I frequent.  Based on the comments, questions, and requests for a review I've been getting, I would have to be stupid not to add this one to my list.  Personally, I'm not overly enthusiastic about the pistol as this moment, but I am open-minded and would love to give the readers what they want with a review.  I can see the value of the low bore axis, grip safety, ambi mag release, and single action-ish trigger.  I'm not wild about the 20 oz. weight.
The Reliant Derringer from Edge Arms made some waves at NASGW last Fall.  The quad-barrel 22 magnum pistol sequentially fires one round of the four with each pull of the trigger.  It looks beefy and substantial with a nice wrap-around grip.  The prototype displayed at NASGW had a gutter sight milled into the top of the pistol.  The illustration below shows the pistol fitted with a proper set of sights.  Maybe we'll see multiple versions of pistol when it's released.  I want one just because I think it's pretty cool.

Last on the list is a Umarex Octane gas piston air rifle in .22 caliber.  Two years ago I spent some time shooting with my Dad in his basement.  We were were competing to see who could get the best groups with his nitro piston .17 caliber pellet rifle.  Nitro piston technology was new to me, but I got hooked pretty quickly.  Now I have a son of my own that's about the right age to move up from BB rifle to pellet rifle.  I think I need to get one of these and break it in for him.

So that's my list.  I reserve the right to change it at any moment.  =)


  1. Good luck with your list! Mine currently has only the R-51 on it :-)

    I'm encouraged by the positive reviews I've seen, but also with what my eyes tell me about how the redesigned gun compares to the original Remington 51. I have that gun in .380 and it's the smoothest-pointing, fastest-shooting small pistol I've ever tried. If the new one does justice to the old one, then "Katy bar the door"! I can foresee point-shooters being smitten with it; "Modern School" shooters, I don't know. Anyone who shoots Weaver also puts a premium on sights, trigger, and other factors that were not the strengths of the original gun. Initial reviews, however, seem to indicate that the R-51 is strong in those areas, so I hope we point-shooting types don't lose out on the original gun's strengths :-)

  2. Nice List!
    That Edge Arms Derringer should nicely fill the void that Double Tap never did.

    Like the airgun selection too, that is an interesting addition in this day of 22LR scarcity.
    Great for prolonged ammo shortages and F'ed Govt clampdowns. Ya never know...