Saturday, April 12, 2014

Remora Holsters - New Products Overview and Giveaway!

Alan Bogdan, the Founder and Owner of Remora Concealment and Security Products, and his team in Naples, Florida have been great supporters of this blog since the very beginning.  I've really enjoyed watching Remora Holsters grow as a company.  Over the last three years, it's been amazing to watch the company that started out making an innovative clip-less IWB holster branch out in new areas with new products.  At one time, I actually had myself convinced that I could keep up with all the new products, but that didn't last very long.  As a casual observer it seems like Remora is launching new products, or enhancing their existing products, every month.

All Remora products are made in the USA, and I believe this gives them a significant competitive advantage in moving from idea to finished product much faster than companies selling products made abroad.  I recently received a package from Remora with an assortment of their newest products.  If you are pressed for time, I made a short video review.  If you would rather read about the products in more detail, you can jump down below the video. 

Remora Handgun Cases are available in sizes from extra small to extra large.  The larger sizes can even be made to accommodate handguns with optics.  A convenient sizing guide is provided on their website.

A small case, with standard exterior fabric, retails for $24.95.  The features I really liked about the case were the nylon zipper, internal padding, and large loop provided for hanging storage of the case.

The reviewed case is a medium size, and has been covered with the optional Alligator embossed leather.  These options add another $14.50 to the base case price.

The quality of the case is outstanding, and I think the leather exterior upgrade will provide years of durable service.  If leather isn't your thing, there are 9 other exterior color options available.

The Hydrator is Remora's take on a drink holster.  Keep your hands free and your hydration close with the Remora Hydrator.

The Hydrator reviewed is covered with the Oakwood camo pattern.  8 other options are available, including ostrich and embossed alligator leather.  Base price of the Hydrator is $14.95 with an upcharge of $6 for the leather coverings.

I've never used a drink holster before.  Generally, I prefer to set my drink down and forget when I left it so I have to waste time looking for it.  When I do find it, if there are other people around, I will spend several minutes deciding if I should drink from my newly found drink because someone else may have taken a drink from it when I wasn't watching.  In the end, I'll end up dumping what's left, and getting a new drink to start the process over again.  This Hydrator is going to do wonders for my wallet and mental health.

Seriously, I like that the Hydrator can be snapped over a belt or secured by tucking the short flap in your waistband.  There is a generous patch of Remora non-slip material inside the flap to hold it in place.  I also like the wide elastic band that holds the drink container.  It's rated for 3 inch diameter containers.  The container I used in my video demonstration was 3.5 inches.  It's got some flexibility built in. 

The Remora Micro holster should appeal to fans of bikini-style in the waistband holsters.  I've been using one of these holsters occasionally with a Kimber Solo with extended magazine.

Available in 4 sizes for semi-autos and 3 sizes for revolvers, the $29.95 holster is ordered by gun make and model and Remora selects the correct size for your handgun.  Additional holster color options are also available.

I've never worried about a standard Remora holster falling out of my waistband or down my pants leg.  With the Micro, there really isn't much non-slip material to hold it in place so the belt/waistband clip is a welcome addition for peace of mind.  I also like the flexibility of handguns that can be used with the holster.  The same medium size works for the Glock 42 and the Glock 22.

I was a bit surprised by the inclusion of the Bra Draw holster in the package, but I was really curious to see how this holster worked.

The Bra Draw holster has a retail price of $47.95, and is available in 6 colors.

As I studied the design of the holster, I really liked the way the handgun is secured at the rear of the slide in an elastic pouch.  The muzzle end of the slide is held in place by a plastic snap.  With the holster snapped shut, the handgun is securely held in place.

Drawing the handgun, requires grasping the grip and pulling straight down.  This action opens the snap and releases the pistol.  The straight down draw stroke took a few minutes to learn, but was easily accomplished after a few practice draws.  I tried several several different pistols in the holster, and ultimately decided the KelTec P-32 was an excellent fit.  Other larger pistols will also work with the holster.

I'd really like to try the Bro Draw holster idea, but the more I thought about it the less sense it made.  Without a shoulder strap of some type, I'm afraid the weight of the pistol would pull the heart rate monitor strap down as I jogged.  I'm sure Remora will figure it out if they like the idea.

As I was packing away the review items this afternoon, I decided to run a giveaway on them.  While I would love to keep that leather handgun case for myself, that would seem pretty cheesy on my part if I only included some of the items in the giveaway.  Please see the YouTube video description/details on how to enter the giveaway.  All you need to do is leave a comment on the video to be entered.

If you are curious about Remora products, I encourage you to go Like them on Facebook and visit their website.  Remora is constantly running special price offers so if you can be patient, you may save a few bucks by keeping an eye on their Facebook page.  For example, a Spring Sale is currently underway with 25% off ALL Remora products and a free single magazine holster is included with every purchase.  You can also read up on the three new product innovations that have come along since I started working on this blog entry.  Seriously, it's nearly impossible to keep up with this company.

As always, I appreciate Remora Concealment and Security Products for their generosity.  I really hope the giveaway winner enjoys these products.  


  1. I'm another early adopter of Remora holsters, and my comment always been (and remains), man, where have you been all many life. It's a rare day when i don't use a sweatproof Remora holster. (I have a couple dozen.) And the fact that they're American-made and a great company with great people just clinches it for me.

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