Thursday, June 26, 2014

Elzetta 1 Cell Alpha Series Lights Are Now Available

In my opinion, Elzetta produces some of the best tactical lights on the market.  They may not be the least expensive light on the market, but the best rarely is.  I've had a ZFL-M60 on my FN SLP shotgun for quite some time and have nothing but positive comments about the light and mount combination.  Elzetta lights use Malkoff LED modules which can breathe new life into older tactical lights as I did in this blog article.  I've always wanted a single cell CR-123 Elzetta for daily carry and my wish has come true.

Elzetta recently announced their Alpha series single cell lights.  If the Bravo (2 cell) light is just a bit too much for daily pocket carry, the Alpha should be perfect.  Available in 24 different models, Elzetta will build your Alpha to your specific requirements.

Elzetta lights can be purchased directly from Elzetta through their website

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