Monday, December 29, 2014

CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Target Stand Review

The P3 Ultimate Target Stand retails for $60 and includes everything shown except the two optional bottle hangers that retail for $6 each.
When I bring a new piece of gear into my videos, I will often get questions from viewers about the item.  Very soon you will begin to see the P3 Ultimate Target Stand, from CTK Precision, showing up in my firearm review and shooting videos.  Ahead of that, I wanted to share my thoughts on the P3 Ultimate Target Stand.

Having previously reviewed products from CTK Precision, I had a good idea what to expect as I unpacked the stand.  CTK Precision products are made in the USA using top quality raw materials and hardware.  The P3 Ultimate Target Stand is crafted from robust 14 gauge steel tubing and 3/8 inch steel rod.  All metal parts have been given the durable black E-coat finish on all surfaces.  The stand assembles in less than a minute with the provided star handle knobs.  No other tools are required for assembly.

Just Add Wood

1"x2" Furring Strips are required to complete the stand.
Before assembling the stand, you need to make a trip to your local home improvement center for some wood.  CTK Precision has provided all the metal pieces required to assemble the stand.  The vertical and horizontal supports are common 1x2 inch wood furring strip.  You can get the cheap stuff for $1.04 for an 8 foot length, or go upscale with pressure treated furring strip for $1.27 per 8 foot section.  I prefer the pressure treated variety because the edges have been rounded and there is less chance of getting splinters in your hands when handling the wood.  Also, in my area of the country, the pressure treated lumber tends to be straighter than the cheaper stuff.

The pressure treated wood is slightly undersized, but will still work because the stand incorporates clamping plates to secure the wood to the metal frame.  The clamping plates cover a larger area of wood than just the star handle screw alone.  The clamping plates add rigidity and stability to the stand without damaging the wood.

A Target Stand For All Seasons

I use several different target types in my reviews.  They range in size from 8 to 45 inches wide, and 8 to 35 inches tall.  I've made several target stands using PVC pipe and the same furring strips used with the P3 Ultimate Target Stand to accommodate different target widths.  With the smaller targets, I will often need a backer behind the target because my PVC stands won't accommodate the narrow target width.

What I like most about the P3 Ultimate Target Stand is that one target stand will work for all of my targets.  By cutting the horizontal support to work with the widest target, I can bring the vertical supports closer together to work with the targets that aren't as wide.  Even if I didn't do reviews, I would still appreciate the flexibility of the stand.  Being able to pattern a shotgun or sight in a rifle using the same target stand is one of the most unique features of the stand.

The stand sits securely on 24 inch wide angled legs.  The legs are made from 3/8 inch round stock and can be inserted into the ground for added stability or to account for uneven terrain.  If you have a problem with wind, the horizontal support can be ballast weighted with sandbags.

Those seeking a more reactive target should consider adding one or more optional bottle holders to their Ultimate Target Stand.  These metal hooks simply side over the vertical supports and are infinitely height adjustable.  The hooks are very robust and will easily hold a gallon jug of water.

For me, the P3 Ultimate Target Stand really is the most ultimately flexible target stand I've worked with.  I need to add a pair of taller vertical supports for the longer paper targets, but the cardboard targets can be raised above the height of the supports as needed.  The only enhancement I would like to see are vertical hooks, similar to the bottle hooks, that could be used with small steel targets.

Watch for the P3 Ultimate Target Stand in my upcoming videos.

The P3 Ultimate Target Stand can be ordered from the CTK Precision website, or

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