Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ruger Announces the BX-Trigger for 10/22 and Charger

Just in time for holiday gift giving, Ruger announces their new BX-Trigger for all 10/22 rifles and 22 Charger pistols. 

The complete drop in replacement trigger group replaces the factory trigger group and reduces the trigger pull weight from 6 lbs. to a lighter and crisper 2.5-3.0 lbs. 

Innovative packaging, and the included dry fire block, allow you to try the trigger before you buy.  With a retail price of $89.99 it will surely be a must have upgrade for many 10/22 and Charger owners.

Beginning December 19, the Ruger BX-Trigger will be available for purchase directly from Ruger at ShopRuger.com or from local independent firearms retailers.

Additional information and introductory video can be found at the following link.      Ruger.com/BX-Trigger

For those of us that have upgraded our personal 10/22 triggers over the years, this drop in replacement comes as a welcome addition to the Ruger Product Catalog.  With a retail price of roughly half of other currently available drop in replacements, the BX-Trigger is sure to be in very high demand. 


  1. Looks like a plastic POS to me. Sorry......

    1. Yes indeed, Ruger did change to a trigger guard assembly from aluminum to polymer about 5 years ago. Having owned rifles with both types of trigger guards, I can confirm that neither one is a POS.