Friday, June 26, 2015

Nanuk 910 Single Pistol Case Review

NANUK Protective Cases Website

NANUK Protective Cases are manufactured by Plasticase in Canada.  Pasticase makes a large variety of injection molded plastic cases for use in many industries.  The NANUK line of cases are built for extreme duty and are the most robust cases.  The cases are TSA certified for air travel and come in 20 different sizes.

I own a few injection molded plastic cases from other manufacturers.  Their quality ranges from downright cheap and flimsy,  to built to withstand a beating with a baseball bat.  I've always been curious how the NANUK cases would compare to other cases I currently own and use.

Quality injection molded cases aren't cheap.  Particularly those that are IPX certified as dustproof and waterproof.  NANUK cases have a long pedigree of industry certifications that can be viewed on their website.  They definitely represent the upper levels of quality and cost in the injection molded case market.  I recently purchased a NANUK 910, on dealer closeout, that included a custom foam insert for full-size Glock handguns.  For $39.99, it was just too good a deal to pass up.

The internal dimensions of the 910 case are 13.2"L x 9.2"W x 4.1"H.   I'll start with a quick discussion of the custom foam insert.  It's awesome.  A perfect fit for a full-size Glock, like the G22 shown in the picture.  The insert holds three magazines (with one in the gun) and has additional area for accessories.  They certainly made good use of the available space inside the case.  The accessory space can easily hold a box of ammo.  I stored my .357 Sig and 9mm conversion barrels and a battery box containing a TRUGLO MicroTac laser, spare batteries, and the wrenches to attach/adjust the laser.  Standard NANUK cases can be purchased without foam, with padded dividers, or with cubed foam allowing the user to create their own custom interior.   

The picture to the right shows a close up of the features I found most unique with this case.  These features can be found on all NANUK cases.

The case handle has a soft grip insert and the handle folds down and locks in place for storage and transport.

The Powerclaw latch system holds the case securely closed.  The latches are very easy to open by depressing locking tab in the center of the latch while lifting the latch.

An automatic pressure release valve and two padlock holes are standard on most high end transport cases designed for air travel.  Both features are designed into NANUK cases.

Plasticase uses a proprietary NK-7 plastic resin for their case shells that is strong, but lightweight.  Compared to similar injection molded cases, the case walls do appear to be thinner and overall case weight is lighter than I expected in a case this size.  If weight is a concern, the NANUK website has detailed size and weight specifications for all case sizes.

In total, I'm extremely satisfied with the NANUK 910 and custom Glock foam insert.  I will certainly consider the NANUK brand for my future case needs.  At the time of publication, this specific case was still available at closeout price.  I'll post the link to the retailer in the comments below.