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Honor Roll of Donors and Friends of The Pocket Guns and Gear Blog
The following folks have contributed funds, products, or ammunition samples in support of further testing and  product reviews/evaluations.  I really appreciate them for their support.

Alan Bogdan at Remora Holsters June 2011
Ken S. and Frank P. at Lonesome Oak Guns and Shooting Range  February 2012
Jon Hodoway at Nighthawk Custom Training Academy  March 2012
Brian   April 2012
Steve   April 2012
Brett    May 2012
Fred     May 2012
Lehigh Defense  May 2012
Ventura Munitions  May 2012
Conan  May 2012
James (Wynn) May 2012
Jason C.  June 2012
Seth at Ammunition Depot August 2012
Clear Ballistics September 2012
Kyu P.  October 2012
Brad W.  November 2012
Wastool  November 2012
Fred  November 2012
Roy M.  November 2012
Anthony at LuckyGunner  November 2012
Derek R.  January 2013
Brian O.  January 2013
Matt S.  January 2013
Matt W.  February 2013
Sam Strasser  March 2013
Ben S.  March 2013
David T.  March 2013
Richard at Guns Holsters and Gear March 2013
Justin D.  March 2013
Lucas H.  April 2013
Battery Junction  April 2013
CTK Precision August 2013
TANDEMKROSS September 2013
Kevin G.  November 2013
Walt F.  November 2013
Bruce H.  December 2013
Dan M.  December 2013
Bob S. February 2014
David Lee Valdina  March 2014
Tom  May 2014
Brian D.  July 2014